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Publication and Periodicity

First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published.



Soil Resource Characterization and Classification under Different Toposequences in Eastern Extension of Chhotanagpur Plateau. Shreyasi Gupta Choudhury, Tapati Banerjee, Krishnendu Das, Anil Kumar Sahoo, Dulal Chandra Nayak and Surendra Kumar Singh


Spatial Distribution of Soil Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Contents and Stocks in Humid Subtropical North-Eastern India. S.K. Reza, P. Ray, S. Ramachandran, S. Bandyopadhyay, S. Mukhopadhyay, K.D. Sah, D.C. Nayak, S.K. Singh and S.K. Ray


Spatial Variability of Available Soil Nutrients in the Shekhawati Region of Thar Desert, India. Mahesh Kumar, Amal Kar, Pramila Raina, Surendra Kumar Singh, Pratap Chandra Moharna and Jagdish Singh Chauhan


Long-term Impact of Cyclic Use of Sodic and Canal Water for Irrigation on Soil Quality and Wheat Yield in Cotton-Wheat Cropping System. O.P. Choudhary, Meenakshi Bhalla, Sandeep Sharma, Rakesh Sharda and Manpreet Singh Mavi


Effect of Tillage, Residue and Nitrogen Management on Soil Water Dynamics and Water Productivity of Wheat in an Inceptisol. Alka Rani, K.K. Bandyopadhyay, P. Krishnan, A. Sarangi1 and S.P. Datta


Impact of Continuous Manuring and Fertilization on Changes in Soil Quality under Sorghum-Wheat Sequence on a Vertisols. S.D. Jadhao, D.V. Mali, V.K. Kharche, Muneshwar Singh, S.M. Bhoyar, P.R. Kadu, R.H. Wanjari and B.A. Sonune


Nitrogen Dynamics in Soil as Influenced by Long-term Manuring and Fertilization under Rice Grown on Vertisol of Chhattisgarh. S.D. Jadhao, R.K. Bajpai, Alok Tiwari, Vinay Bachkaiya, Muneshwar Singh, V.K. Kharche, D.V. Mali and B.A. Sonune


Significance of P influx and Root Growth in P Acquisition at Different Growth Stages of Maize, Wheat and Groundnut Grown in a P-Deficient Alfisol. Pratapbhanu Singh Bhadoria, Debasmita Samal, Satnam Singh, Bernd Steingrobe, Norbert Claassen


Impact of Manure and Fertilizers on Chemical Fractions of Zn and Cu in Soil under Rice-Wheat Cropping System. M.K. Dhaliwal and S.S. Dhaliwal


Evaluation of Different Methods of Zinc Application on Growth, Yield and Biofortification of Zinc in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Ayan Das, S.K. Singh, Maneesh Kumar and Omkar Kumar


Evaluation of Multi-functional Rhizobium sp. Isolates of Urdbean (Vigna mungo L.) as Bio-inoculant for Enhancing Productivity and Soil Health Neha, Ramesh Chandra, Navneet Pareek and K.P. Raverkar


Phosphorus and Zinc Availability in Alkali Soils as Influenced by Application of Graded Levels of Gypsum Anukul Tripathi and Surendra Singh


Effect of Biochar Application in Soil Amended with SewageSludge on Growth, Yield and Uptake of Primary Nutrients in Rice (Oryza sativa L.). H.S. Jatav and S.K. Singh



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