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First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published.

VOLUME 67 NUMBER 2June 2019


Characterization, classification and evaluation of soils in semi-arid region of Mahanandi Mandal in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. K. SUPRIYA, M.V.S. NAIDU, P. KAVITHA AND M. SRINIVASA REDDY


Characterization and classification of the soils of Buraka micro-watershed in Haryana for integrated development. S.K. MAHAPATRA, RITU NAGDEV, RAM GOPAL, JAYA N. SURYA, R.K. MEENA, R.P. YADAV AND S.K. SINGH


Technique of large scale soil mapping using remote sensing satellite data in Basaltic terrain of Peninsular region in the north-west Gujarat, India. R.P. SHARMA, R.S. SINGH, R.K. NAITAM AND S.K. SINGH


Effect of puddling and direct sowing of rice on soil physical health and water productivity of ricewheat cropping system under different irrigation regimes. K.K. BANDYOPADHYAY, A. SARANGI, DINESH KUMAR AND D.K. SINGH


Tillage and crop rotation effects on mechanical properties and structural stability of a sandy loam soil in a semi-arid environment. DEBASHIS CHAKRABORTY, SURAJIT MONDAL, ANUPAM DAS, AMRIT PAUL, PAULSON THOMAS, PRAMILA AGGARWAL, U.K. BEHERA AND A.R. SHARMA


Soil aggregation and aggregate associated carbon in a Vertisol under conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture in semi-arid tropics of central India. SATISH BHAGWATRAO AHER, BRIJ LAL LAKARIA, AMAR BAHADUR SINGH AND SWAMI KALESHANANDA


Forms and distribution of potassium in some selected soils of Sahibganj district, Jharkhand, developed from Rajmahal trap. D.C. NAYAK, ABHIJIT HALDAR, KANAI SAHANA, SILADITYA BANDYOPADHYAY AND S.K. SINGH


Effect of biofertilizers and phosphorus levels on soil ffertility, yield and nodulation in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). J. KUMAR, SURESH KUMAR AND VED PRAKASH


Effect of submergence on boron fractions in soils of Konkan region of Maharashtra. M.C. KASTURE, D.P. KALOKHE AND V.G. SALVI


Pools of silicon in soils and their contribution to rice. PALLAVI T. AND N.B. PRAKASH


Effect of addition of farmyard manure and lime on chemical fractionation of chromium in soils and its bioavailability to maize. NEERAJ RANI, DHANWINDER SINGH AND RAJEEV SIKKA


Short Communications

Characterization and classification of soils under rice-based cropping systems in Balod district of Chhattisgarh. UTTAM KUMAR, V.N. MISHRA, NIRMAL KUMAR, R.K. JENA, L.K. SRIVASTAVA AND R.K. BAJPAI


Profile distribution of soil organic carbon in major land use systems in Bishalgarh block, Tripura. S.K. REZA, P. RAY, S. RAMACHANDRAN, S. BANDYOPADHYAY, S. MUKHOPADHYAY, K.D. SAH, D.C. NAYAK, S.K. SINGH AND S.K. RAY





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