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First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published.

VOLUME 66 NUMBER 4 December 2018


Characterization and classification of the soils of Dorika watershed of Assam using GIS and remotesensing techniques. ARUNIMA GOGOI, M.C. TALUKDAR, A. BASUMATARY AND U. BARUAH


Characterization and classification of the soils of Brahmanakotkur watershed in Kurnool district ofAndhra Pradesh. S. SATISH, M.V.S. NAIDU, K.V. RAMANA, V. MUNASWAMY, G.PRABHAKARA REDDY AND P. SUDHAKAR


Soil hydro-thermal regimes as affected by different tillage and cropping systems in a rainfed Vertisol.J. SOMASUNDARAM, N.K. SINHA, M. MOHANTY, R.S. CHAUDHARY, K.M. HATI,R.K. SINGH, A.K. BISWAS, A.K. SHUKLA, RAM DALAL AND A.K. PATRA


Effect of incubation duration of incorporated organics on saturated hydraulic conductivity, aggregatestability and sorptivity of Alluvial and Red-Laterite soils. ARINDAM SARKAR AND PRASANTAKUMAR BANDYOPADHYAY


Impact of irrigation on soil characteristics of saline vertisols of Bara Tract under Sardar SarovarCanal Command of Gujarat. ANIL R. CHINCHMALATPURE, SHRVAN KUMAR, G. GURURAJARAO, VINAYAK NIKAM, INDIVAR PRASAD, DAVID CAMUS AND D.K. SHARMA


Irrigation-induced salinization effects on soil chemical and biological properties under cotton-wheatrotation on loamy sand soil in northwest India. PAWITAR SINGH, O.P. CHOUDHARY ANDM.S. MAVI


Conjoint use of chemical amendments and municipal solid waste compost for amelioration of degradedsodic soil. YASH PAL SINGH, SANJAY ARORA, VINAY KUMAR MISHRA, HIMANSHU DIXITAND RAVINDRA KUMAR GUPTA


Evaluating multipurpose tree species for biomass production and amelioration of sodic soil.Y.P. SINGH, GURBACHAN SINGH, V.K. MISHRA AND SANJAY ARORA.


Effect of foliar application of silicic acid on soybean yield and seed quality under field conditions.U. SHWETHAKUMARI AND N.B. PRAKASH


Effect of phosphorus, sulphur and PSB on yield of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) and availablemacronutrients in soil. RATAN LAL SOLANKI, MAHENDRA SHARMA AND DEEPA INDORIA


Soil test crop response based integrated plant nutrient management system for fennel (Foeniculumvulgare Mill.) in an Inceptisol. Y.V. SINGH, S.K. SINGH, D.K. SRIVASTAVA, PAVAN SINGHAND H.S. JATAV


Integrated sulphur management in rapeseed (Brassica campestris)-blackgram (Vigna mungo) sequencein an Inceptisol of Assam. A. BASUMATARY


Short Communications

Response of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) to sulphur and boron in upland red soil of Vindhyan zone. ARVIND, SURENDRA SINGH, P.K. SHARMA AND ASHISH RAI


Available micronutrient status of mothbean growing soils of Poonch district (Jammu and Kashmir) inrelation to soil properties. TAJAMUL ISLAM SHAH, A.P. RAI, A.K. MONDAL, A. SAMANTA,SARABDEEP KOUR, PARDEEP WALI AND M.C. DWIVEDI


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