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Publication and Periodicity

First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published. Volume 65, Number 3 is already with the members and September 2017 issue under print.

VOLUME 65                                                  NUMBER 3                                      September 2017


Estimation of soil loss in three agro-climatic zones of Belagavi district, Karnataka using USLE and GIS. K. Prabhavathi, G.S. Dasog, M.V. Manjunath, M. Korade and P.L. Patil


Characterization, classification and evaluation of cultivated soils under different toposequences in Pulwama district of Kashmir valley. N.Z. Rehman, D. Ram, J.A. Wani and Masrat Maqbool


Distribution and stability of soil aggregates under tree-based cropping systems in sub-mountaneous zone of Punjab, India. Jeevanjot Dhaliwal, S.S. Kukal and Sandeep Sharma


Available macronutrient status of soil under different land use systems of district Ganderbal, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Masrat Maqbool, N.Z. Rehman, Rehana Rasool and Farida Akhtar


Synchronization of nitrogen supply with demand by wheat using sewage sludge as organic amendment in an Inceptisol. S.S. Biswas, S.K. Singhal, D.R. Biswas, R.D. Singh, Trisha Roy, Abhijit Sarkar, Avijit Ghosh and Debarup Das


Impact of long-term nutrient management on soil N dynamics under soybean – wheat cropping sequence on a Vertisol. Satyabhan Kushwaha, S.D. Sawarkar, Risikesh Thakur, N.K. Khamparia and Muneshwar Singh


Responses of soil enzymes and carbon mineralization to applied organic amendments: A short-term study in acidic sandy loam soil. Banashree Sarma, Bikram Borkotoki, Nirmali Gogoi and Rupam Kataki


Partially acidulation as an alternative means of utilizing phosphate rocks of different origins in an Alkaline Calcareous soil of Haryana, India. B. Mhalla, R.D. Singh, Nayan Ahmed and D.R. Biswas


Enhancing crop productivity and soil health from intercropping coriander with autumn sugarcane through scheduling of fertilizer and irrigation. Navnit Kumar, Geeta Kumari and Vipin Kumar


Enriched vermicompost for application in tea soils of north eastern India. Ishan Phukan, A. Jahan, A. Baruah, S. Saffique and R.M. Bhagat


Effect of FYM and macronutrients on onion seed yield. S.D. Shinde, C.A. Nimbalkar, V.S. Wani, A.D. Kadlag and A.L. Pharande


Estimation of critical limit of zinc in basmati (Cv B-370) rice grown on soils of Jammu region. Enoch Spalbar, Asim Kumar Mondal and Ajay Pratap Rai


Boron fractions in a Vertic Ustochrept as influenced by thirteen years of fertilization and manuring. Abir Dey, B.S. Dwivedi, M.C. Meena, S.P. Datta, K.B. Polara, H.K. Sobhana and Muneshwar Singh


Direct and residual effect of zinc and boron on productivity, nutrient uptake and quality on mustard (Brassica juncea) and succeeding maize (Zea mays) in subtropical Inceptisols of Jammu. Sarabdeep Kour, Meenakshi Gupta, Dileep Kachroo and Rajeev Bharat


Root activity and antioxidant enzyme activities of rice cultivars under different iron toxicity mitigation Options. Mohammad Shahid, A.K. Shukla, A.K. Nayak, Rahul Tripathi, J. Meher, B. Lal and Priyanka Gautam

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