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First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published.

VOLUME 66 NUMBER 2 June 2018


Forms of acidity in soils developed on different landforms along an altitudinal sequence in Nagaland, India. SILADITYA BANDYOPADHYAY, P. RAY, S. PADUA, S. RAMACHANDRAN, R.K. JENA, P. DEB ROY, D.P. DUTTA, U. BARUAH, K.D. SAH, S.K. SINGH, D.C. NAYAK AND S.K. RAY


Effect of aggregation on phosphate sorption-desorption behaviour of soils under various land use patterns of eastern India. A. ROY AND S.K. PAL


A brief description of spatial analysis and superimposing of essential elements in pomegranate using GIS technique. H.B. RAGHUPATHI, S. SRINIVAS AND V.M. SHILPASHREE


Assessment of spatial variability in fertility status and nutrient recommendation in Alanatha Cluster Villages, Ramanagara district, Karnataka using GIS. A. SATHISH, B.K. RAMACHANDRAPPA, K. DEVARAJA, M.S. SAVITHA, M.N. THIMME GOWDA AND K.M. PRASHANTH


Soil fertility appraisal for Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu using GPS and GIS Techniques. R. SANTHI, P. STALIN, K. ARULMOZHISELVAN, K. RADHIKA, S. SIVAGNANAM, J. SEKAR, Y. MURALIDHARUDU, PRADIP DEY AND A. SUBBA RAO


Assessment of soil quality and identification of parameters influencing system yield under long-term fertilizer trial. RAJIV RAKSHIT, ANUPAM DAS, RAJEEV PADBHUSHAN, RAJENDRA PRASAD SHARMA, SUSHANT AND SANJAY KUMAR


Effect of long-term manuring and fertilization on depth-wise distribution of potassium fractions under sorghum-wheat cropping sequence in Vertisol. S.D. JADHAO, DIPALI ARJUN, D.V. MALI, MUNESHWAR SINGH, V.K. KHARCHE, R.H. WANJARI, P.R. KADU, B.A. SONUNE AND P.N. MAGARE


Assessment of available macro and micronutrient status of coastal Jamnagar district in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. S.T. SHIRGIRE, S.G. SAVALIA AND N.B. MISAL


Carbon pools and nutrient dynamics under Eucalyptus-based agroforestry system in semi-arid region of north-west India. PARVEEN KUMAR, A.K. MISHRA, S.K. CHAUDHARI, NIRMALENDU BASAK, POORNIMA RAI, KAILASH SINGH, RAKESH SINGH, C.B. PANDEY AND D.K. SHARMA


Diatomite and rice husk biochar as silicon source and its effect on yield of wetland rice. KOLLALU SANDHYA, NAGABOVANALLI B. PRAKASH AND JEAN DOMINIQUE MEUNIER


Evaluation of rice-rice system on grain yield, chemical, and biological properties of an acid Inceptisols. MITALI MANDAL, KUMBHA KARNA ROUT, DEBASIS PUROHIT, PRADIPTA MAJHI AND MUNESWAR SINGH


Long-term effect of nutrient management on soil biochemical properties in a Vertisol under soybean– wheat cropping sequence. GAJENDRA PATEL, B.S. DWIVEDI, A.K. DWIVEDI, RISIKESH THAKUR AND MUNESHWAR SINGH


Improving soil microbiological properties in Typic Ustochrepts through tree-based cropping system. JEEVANJOT DHALIWAL, S.S. KUKAL AND SANDEEP SHARMA


Effect of boron and zinc fertilization on growth and yield of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata Walp.) in Inceptisols of Arunachal Pradesh. P. DEBNATH, S.K. PATTANAAIK, D. SAH, G. CHANDRA AND A.K. PANDEY





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