Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science

Publication and Periodicity

First issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science was published in 1953. Since then this journal has been published uninterrupted. Never so far, even a single issue has either been missed or two issues combined as one. The Golden Volume of the Journal (Volume 50) has been published. Volume 64, Number 3 is already with the members and December 2016 issue under print.





VOLUME 64                                                  NUMBER 3                                       September 2016


Characterization and classification of soils in semi-arid region of Chennur Mandal in Kadapa district,
Andhra Pradesh. K. Sreedhar Reddy and M.V.S. Naidu


Mobility and distribution of a- and b-isomers of endosulfan in soils of Uttarakhand. Sanjay
Kumar Singh, P. Raha and H. Banerjee


Phosphorus saturation indices as a measure of risk of P loss for some major Indian soils.
I. Rashmi, A.K. Biswas and V.R. Ramkrishana Parama


Effect of phosphorus fertilization on its transformations in different soils under dry direct-seeded rice.
R.K. Gupta, Navpreet Rathore, Yadvinder-Singh and Bijay-Singh


Phosphorus management in pearl millet-mustard cropping system in coarse textured soils in southern
Haryana. Abha Tikkoo, S.S. Yadav, Jagdev Singh, P.K. Yadav and M.K. Jat


Redistribution of forms of potassium in soils upon submergence in Alfisols, Inceptisols and Entisols.
Pabitra Kumar Mani, Tarik Mitran and Biswapati Mandal


Conservation agriculture in a rice-wheat cropping system on an alluvial soil of north-western Indo-
Gangetic plains: Effect on soil carbon and nitrogen pools. Abir Dey, B.s. Dwivedi, Ranjan
Bhattacharyya, S.p. Datta, M.c. Meena, T.k. Das and V.k. Singh


Soil test crop response correlation approach for summer groundnut in Inceptisol. A.N. Deshpande,
V.K. Shiralkar and Archana Pawar


Impact of zinc fertilization on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) yield, zinc use efficiency, quality and economics in Entisol of West Bengal. Hirak Banerjee, Sukamal Sarkar, Prahlad Deb, Sudarshan Kumar Dutta, Krishnendu Ray, Lalita Rana and Kaushik Majumdar


Fertilizer recommendations based on target yield concept for cabbage grown in a Mollisol of
Uttarakhand. Jyoti Pande and Sobaran Singh


Microbial diversity in soil under different land use systems in sub-mountainous zone of Punjab.
S. Garcha, P. Katyal and V. Sharma


Enumeration of microbes and microbial activities in coastal saline soils of eastern India.
K. Laxminarayana and Archana Mai Naik


Evaluation of extractants and critical limits of sulphur for rapeseed in acid soils of Assam.
B. Rajkonwar, A. Basumatary and N.G. Barua


Effect of boron on yield attributes, seed yield and oil content of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) on an
Inceptisol. S.N. Yadav, S.K. Singh and Omkar Kumar


Silicon nutrition to rice (Oryza sativa L.) alleviates Fe, Mn and Al toxicity in laterite derived rice
soils. Sainath Nagula, Biju Joseph and R. Gladis


Characterizations of soil at different landforms in hilly areas of Meghalaya state. Dipak Dutta,
Siladitya Bandyopadhyay, Utpal Baruah and Dipak Sarkar

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